BRRRRR It’s cold in here


People: I am wearing four layers right now. It was -15 with wind chill when I walked in at 8am and the streets are a hot (just kidding) mess. Everything has become an instantaneous ice rink, and yet our patients keep walking in. They’re getting enrolled, they’re navigating the tundra, and they look hella stylish and kind of bulky doing it, but whatever. We’re all bulky. It’s Chicago.

It’s -15 and they care enough to come and see us. I’m letting that one sink in. Who says my community doesn’t want health insurance? They care. I care. We all care. This fact is enough to warm my cold self today. I hope it makes you feel a little warm too. We’re open today when so many places in Chicago are closed, and people are here. There’s a little skip to my step today. Happy Monday.


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